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Its most unusual feature is the switchable rectifier and power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode and output power as well as subjective tonal differences. This feature, originally found on Randall Smith’s Mesa Boogie amplifiers, allows the Prosonic to achieve a versatility very rarely seen from mass-market instrument manufacturers. Solid-state rectification with fixed bias marked “S. Listed at 60 watts R. Tube rectification with fixed bias marked “AB2”. Listed at 50 watts R. Tube rectification with cathode bias marked “A”. Listed at 30 watts R.

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The Finest example of the history of Vox Amplifiers bar none. It covers all the Vox amps, cabinets, speakers. There are charts which show coverings, tables that show amp/cab speaker combinations, wire colors for mains cables, Erie/Dubilier/ISKRA resistors, handle and cloth variations and more. pages of Vox AC 30, AC 10, AC15, AC50, AC and more.

There would be no rotary. I also found out that one of my EL84’s konica minolta c series ps driver all white in the vox serial numbers ac30 instead of silver. Play and enjoy, don’t worry about it much, and you’ll be able to sell at a good price when you’re ready. Vox serial numbers ac30 Vox serial numbers ac30 Vox serial numbers ac30 To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. The dating table which is linked to in the first post comes from Jim Elyea’s book and is based on rear plate serial numbers.

The way vkx date a Vox serial numbers ac30 is by componant dates and schematic info. It claims to combine attributes of the original AC30 with what Vox sales literature refers to as a “boutique” of features. Jennings Musical Industries Domino Echo unit. Vox serial numbers ac30 It appears to have Drake transformers with stickers on them that say Chassis numbers are a very rough and inaccuartae method of dating an amp. If you have a vinyage Vox you need this book.

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Mar 30,  · UK record companies don’t want your demo CDs anymore: they want you to use Vox. SixApart’s blogging platform is being used by ColumbiaDemos and .

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Section 2’s exhaustive look at the minutia of Vox cabinets, coverings, grille cloth, tubes and speakers, for example, and Section 4’s comprehensive rundown of every relevant model are the stuff a collector’s dreams are made of.

The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. For speakers this code can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits long, and it’s ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the “bell housing” of the speaker. In either case, the code works the same. The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code.

In 3 digit dates code, the 1st digit is the last digit of the year. On 4 digits date codes, the 1st and 2nd digits are the last two digits of the year. In either case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture 01 to With this in mind, remember if the last two digits of the source-date code are greater than 52, you’re not looking at the source-date code! Also it’s worth mentioning: On 3 digit date codes, you have to “guess” the decade of the pot or speaker.

Usually this isn’t too difficult.

Fender Prosonic

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Support FAQ We take great pride in our commitment to quality, value and service, so if you have questions, we are ready to assist. Our most frequently asked questions are below. Our support menu is displayed on the right. We look forward to resolving your issue. Can I buy Eminence products direct? It is very easy to become a Genuine Eminence Dealer! You must have a storefront and operate a business actively engaged in the sales of musical instruments or sound reproduction products.

If you are outside of the U. For other requirements, please see our Dealer-Distributor section. For retail sales, please contact a dealer or distributor in your area. Custom-manufactured speakers require a minimum order of 50 pieces per spec as well as a copy of your resale tax certificate or business license. Where can I purchase a recone kit?

BF/SF Vibrolux Reverb

Step 2 — Decipher The Date Code All Celestion date codes contain a pair of letters representing the month and year the speaker was made. In most cases the first letter represents the month, and the second letter represents the year. To date your speaker, simply find the pair of letters in your date code and use the chart at the top of the page to decipher them.

Use the stamp location colour codes to guide you.

is a privately owned web site and not part of Fender Musical Instruments corporation. Owner: Jens Mosbergvik.

Careful with that ‘aigh voltage”, mate! I guess they got a spell checker at some point. Vox Disco Tape So, what do you do with all those empty organ cabinets and Z stands when you stop producing Continentals? While not a combo organ by any stretch of the imagination, this thing was just tooooo weird to leave out. I wonder if perhaps it was just a joke, and was never actually sold. Picture and following description are from the Vox Showroom web site: Made from a Continental Organ shell and chrome stand, the Disco tape featured two turntables with Shure cartridges; a cassette tape recorder and a 50 watt self contained amplifier.

Other features included a monitor selector and volume; sliding turntable level controls; master volume controls; recording and microphone level controls; level and recording selectors and record scratch and rumble filters. Apparently, it’s a device that takes input from another instrument and does frequency division and filtering to provide organ-like voices at different footages.

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It has half the number of power tubes, smaller transformers and a tube rectifier in stead of diodes. Together this makes the Pro Reverb break up significantly around the usual volume level 4, while the Twin Reverb is clean almost all the way up. The power transformer and power tube circuitry is equal to the Super Reverb, but a smaller output transformer lowers the clean headroom and introduces sag and breakup. For many years it has been a relatively unknown amp.

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This led me to my next topic. Wah pedals are enjoying a new resurgence, so I decided to write an article on them. I wrote a somewhat comprehensive article on Wahs for Vintage Guitar Magazine several years ago, and with Alan Greenwoods kind permission, we are reprinting that article here. This saved me reinventing the wheel. The idea for this article came about when I purchased a box of effects pedals from the owner of a music store which closed in the late seventies.

Most were new old stock Electro-Harmonix with a few other brands mixed in. I spent several hours deciding which I found useful and thought others might profit from the information. This is a totally subjective evaluation, and I’m sure my opinions wouldn’t be of value to a metal player or others of that ilk. I have searched diligently through the years for the Duane Allman, Dickey Betts type guitar sound.

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The Vox AC15 is a lot cheaper than the AC30, and is cheaper to replace the speakers/tubes because there is half as many of both.

For starters, 15 watts of tube power goes a very long way; it is just as loud as my w solid state amp. With the AC15 I can barely get the master volume past the halfway mark if I have top boost on full. The AC15 has a lot less clean headroom than the AC30 and for me this is a very good thing as I can get to that sweet creamy overdrive much sooner, without having to blow the lid off my house.

With the AC30 you really need to crank it to get to the good stuff or you have to resort to using an overdrive pedal, which denies you access to your straight up tube tone. Sure having a tube rectifier might lend the AC30 some slightly better tone, but at a large cost. Not being able to have the amp on standby while the tubes warm up can risk damaging the tubes, and they are expensive things to be constantly replacing.

Vox AC15 Review & Demo (AC15c1)