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Citizens of all other countries without a Bangladeshi mission, or arriving from such countries, may obtain a visa on arrival for the maximum stay of 30 days. Transit passengers continuing their journey on the first connecting aircraft also do not require visas, provided they hold valid onward or return documentation and do not leave the airport. On occasion, tourists and business travellers arriving at airports in Dhaka and Chittagong may be granted ‘landing permission’ by the Chief Immigration Officer for stays of up to 15 days, as long as they hold return air tickets. However, this method is fairly unorthodox and is not available for the average traveller [2]. You must pay in USD. From the VOA desk near immigration you will be escorted to the currency exchange to pay for your visa. You can pay in most currencies. You will be given a receipt, which you hand back to the VOA officials. Your details will be written into a big book, and then you will be escorted to a special VOA immigration desk.

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Historia Antika och klassiska Bengalen. Stenåldersverktyg har hittats i den större Bengalregionen som indikerar mänskliga bosättningar sedan 20 år tillbaka. [11] Fornlämningar från kopparåldern har visat sig vara år gamla.

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The huge delta region formed at the confluence of the Ganges and Brahmaputra River systems – now referred to as Bangladesh – was a loosely incorporated outpost of various empires centered on the Gangetic plain for much of the first millennium A. Muslim conversions and settlement in the region began in the 10th century, primarily from Arab and Persian traders and preachers. Europeans established trading posts in the area in the 16th century. Eventually the area known as Bengal, primarily Hindu in the western section and mostly Muslim in the eastern half, became part of British India.

Partition in resulted in an eastern wing of Pakistan in the Muslim-majority area, which became East Pakistan.

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Chittagong (/ tʃ ɪ t ə ɡ ɒ ŋ /), officially known as Chattogram, is a major coastal city and financial centre in southeastern city has a population of more than million while the metropolitan area had a population of 4,, in , making it the second-largest city in the country. It is the capital of an eponymous District and Division.

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Shipbuilding is a growing industry in Bangladesh with great potentials. Bangladesh has a long history of shipbuilding dating back to the early modern r, shipbuilding has become a major promising industry in recent years when the locally made ships began to be exported.

It takes about 03 working days to issue these Certificates. After two 02 years from issuance, an in-force Policy can be surrendered by submitting following: Filled out and duly signed Surrender Application Form with signature of policy owner matching with the Policy Application. Form may be downloaded from this website i. Original Policy Document c.

A lapsed policy may be reinstate or re-date with submitting followings: Declaration in connection with reinstatement of DPS policies Form may be downloaded from this website i. Declaration in connection with reinstatement by Re-dating Form may be downloaded from this website i. Additional papers may be required if company needs.

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Martin’s Island is a small island in the North-east part of the Bay of Bengal, about 9 km to the south of Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf peninsula. The local name of the coral island is ‘Narikel Jinjira’ St. Martin’s Island is the most popular tourist spot for the sea lover. It is a virgin forest, which until recently owed nothing to human endeavor and yet nature has laid it out with as much care as a planned pleasure ground. It’s in Pahartali, a satellite town of Chittagong. Just eight kilometer from Chittagong, here you can enjoy boating facilities.

And it’s a popular picnic spot. You can spend your leisure time in a serene atmosphere of lake and hills. Lots of tourists and picnic parties come to Madav kundu every day for their enjoyment. It has a wide sandy beach from where one can get the unique opportunity of seeing both the sunrise and sun setting. Known as “the land of two leaves and a bud”.

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